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Here you will find many thimbles to expand or start your collection.Like places, countries, animals, famous people, transportation, advertising and many other nice images.

Order 1,2,3 or 4 thimbles or go for discount starting at 5 thimbles!

With the exception of "Photo on thimble" and "on is on" offers
5 thimbles or more -> 10% discount
10 thimbles or more -> 20% discount
20 thimbles or more -> 30% discount
35 thimbles or more -> 40% discount
50 thimbles or more -> 50% discount


Be unique. Design and launch your own thimble line.

The only thing we need from you is a digital photo for printing on the thimbles. 

You can buy porcelain thimbles in bulk from us, or you can set up your own printed line for your charities, club, association, museum, tourist office, wedding, web store, etc. We will then print the thimbles for you.

Small runs are already possible from 10 pieces.

We apply the thimble print by hand and then bake it at 800 degrees Celsius in a ceramic oven.

This creates a printed thimble of a high quality, the colors of which will not fade, which would happen with sublimation technology.


You can have your own photo printed on a thimble.

Photo on thimble(s)